Reviews for Area 51: The Musical

Here are some of the reviews that Area 51: The Musical has received.

Musical Stages Online

"Nothing in recent years has felt so fresh and new to me than the concept album of the new musical Area 51... this is exactly the fresh breeze musical theatre needs right now... If you're looking for something fresh and totally different from the mainstream offerings of the West End, then look no further... could be what Cats was twenty years ago - something that simply dares to be completely different and groundbreaking, and could very well become a cult show of Rocky Horror Show-calibre."

Sci-Fi Channel Online

"Filled with sly verbal and melodic allusions to popular movie and television standards, Area 51 is a bright and breezy romp that combines classic genre story elements with modern-day alien mythology and a lively rock 'n' roll attitude... Then We Met Like This, the show-stopping tune, with voices soaring over gorgeous strings and keyboards...dynamic, the recording presents a tantalizing taste of the tale's inherent energy and excitement."

SFX Magazine

"The weirdest musical since the Rocky Horror Show first stormed the stage 20 years ago."

Dreamwatch Magazine

"Really catchy numbers... this really rocks... Stranger than Fiction and Greys are Givin' Us the Blues are fantastic... I can't wait to see it on stage"

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