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Next Gen offer a fresh, inspiring, and upbeat range of school shows and musicals for the students of today. From the critically acclaimed alien rock-fest of Area 51: The Musical, the supernatural tale "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to our hilariously satirical stab at the modern cult of celebrity in Fame Game, our scripts and scores are composed for a new generation of young performers.

Secondary and high school musicals

Today’s secondary and high school students are culturally aware and discerning in taste. Why patronise them with puerile adaptations of stale musical standards, when they could explore new (and alien) musical horizons with the likes of the area 51 show, or the Fame Game musical?

Our senior school shows explore issues that are particularly relevant to high and secondary school students in a style they will find instantly recognisable. And, if past productions are anything to go by, the following musical plays are tremendous fun for adults as well!

Senior School Show Scripts, Musical Scores and Play Scripts

The following school shows and musicals are currently available to buy:

An Eternal Christmas

An Eternal Christmas

Tired of staging the same old shows at Christmas, time after time? Bored to death with adaptations of “A Christmas Carol”? Looking for something fresh and new? Then Next Gen have exactly what you’re looking for


When fledgling journalist Jo’s kid sister wishes for it be Christmas every day, she’s blissfully unaware of the global chaos that her simple desire will cause...  


With no reason to be good, as Christmas is now continuous, children run amok. Elves and Ice Giants stalk the countryside, co-ordinated by the vicious NPA (North Pole Alliance). A small, rebel pocket of humanity still exists, fighting a losing cause. 


Area 51 The Musical

Area 51: The Musical

The Area 51 high school musical is staged deep in the depths of space, where a monstrous evil has awoken; an evil so powerful its influence can reach beyond the stars. That evil finds a home in Area 51, the world's largest, and most secret, military complex. In a race against time, Rick Adams, head of the base's top secret scientific research facility, must find a way to halt the alien invasion before all of humanity succumbs to the extraterrestrial onslaught.

Fame Game

Fame Game

Can Jack, the popular finalist in the global television phenomenon that is 'Fame Game', break free of his indie rock shell to become the crooning ballad singer that the network want?

Aspiring indie rocker Jack stakes his integrity when he enters the TV talent competition Fame Game. This wickedly funny new musical charts Jack's struggle to survive the network's manipulations and the cynical celebrity tabloid jungle. One of this year's most entertaining and contemporary youth musicals, Fame Game recently opened at one of the Fringe's most exciting theatre spaces, Rocket Venue, receiving rave audience feedback and an invitation to perform at 'Best of the Fest Musicals' as an example of "the best musicals on the Fringe".



Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night (NOW AVALIABLE)

"If music be the food of love, play on..."

And where better to experience both music and love than the Swinging Sixties? Enter the world of a cool, hip, beatnick Orsino, a hip sixties chick Viola escorted by Officers returning from Vietnam, a mod Olivia, and a hippy Sir Toby Belch.

Staying extremely faithful to Shakespeare's original, whilst offering new sixties style compositions incorporating the Bard's lyrics, Twelfth Night is sure to appease students and teachers alike, as well as the most ardent Shakespeare lover.



The Magic Plunger

The Magic Plunger

It is a time of great turmoil. Three best friend knights living in a two room apartment must overcome the ultimate challenge . . . trying to unplug their toilet . . . without a plunger?

Join Gregory Falloffalot, Mighty Bluff and Howard the Coward as they embark on an adventure of average proportions, where they find a delightful cast of colourful characters and a quest for the legendary magic plunger that will change all of their lives and bathrooms forever.

The Magic Plunger is a fantasy comedy play with a contemporary spin, and is perfect for schools and youth theatres looking for a piece to perform at a Dinner Theatre, as part of a drama club, or as the annual school play. Already a huge success in its native Canada, where the piece won the 2005 Off Broadway Youth Playwriting Competition and ran for several months playing to sell-out crowds. Join in the merriment and irreverant humour and make The Magic Plunger your next performance.





MaKiddo is an energetic, cartoonish satire on today's teens and their high-stress high schools, set to the operetta music of Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado. Especially fitting for schools with more girls than boys in their drama pool, five of the nine leads (and 11 of the 15 roles with solo musical lines) are girls, with lines and songs distributed broadly across the cast.

The setting is the Priti-Nu High School for Practically Perfect Kids, brainchild of old "Ebenezer MaKiddo" of the Asiatic Institute for Academic Acupuncture, a school where everyone is so high-achieving that you fall 57 places in your class ranking if you get one question wrong on a physics exam. That, at least, is what the students think—and, of course, the truth is not quite that.

The story wraps around the students' efforts to break free of their "bubble tests" and of having to be perfectly perfect all the time. Once they learn of the nefarious scheme that they've been witlessly advancing, they find a solution guaranteed to warm the hearts of today's stressed-out students.





Twelfth Night is a high-octane, up-to-the-minute comedy about teenagers who like to download music, and a powerful media company that stops at nothing to block it. tells a tale of today, of here, of now-of the big business of music, corporate greed and media cynicism, and the millions of young music consumers who don't like it. In the story, three tech-smart teenagers try to block a new law that would lock kids up when they share songs. They engage in a battle of wits with a sly TV reporter from MegaMaxiMedia, Inc., who spins the news, plays with sound bites, and toys with politicians, doing the bidding of her corrupt bosses. is a modern-day parable about technology, greed, and power-about people trying to do the right thing in a tough modern world- and about young music makers with their own ideas about what songs they want to sing.

The principal cast can be mostly female-8F/4M, if desired. The show can be done by a cast as small as ten, or by an ensemble of any size.

The Washington Post - "more fun than a barrel of chads (with) all the elements of a promising show: a wide range of songs, memorable characters and an entertaining plot (that) keeps the audience laughing… an astonishing piece about high school students wanting to get involved in national politics…a wonderful integration of hip-hop computer jargon…an upbeat show unique in all respects (that) keeps your feet tapping and your mind spinning with witty lyrics."


Twelfth NightThe White Rock Lake Disturbance

That which cannot be forgotten. . .

Six old friends get together for an urban legend/ghost hunt at an old abandoned cabin on the banks of a long, forgotten, unvisited lake.

Before long it becomes clear that there are certain memories buried in the dark mud that refuse to die.

One by one, the friends become entangled in a centuries old mystery and their only chance for survival is to face the sinister, shambling thing that lurks in the murky depths of White Rock Lake.

But is any of this really happening?
How much do you trust your friends?
Will anyone survive the night?



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