License Request

You’ve decided you want to stage a Next Gen show! What next?

License Request

Before you can produce a Musical, you must obtain a license. A license grants you rights to perform the show and outlines all fees.
To obtain a performance license, you must first complete the license application form. Applications can be filled out online, or, alternatively, application for rights can also be in the form of a letter, provided you include the following information:

  • Name and Address of School
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Name of Show
  • Dates of Desired Performance
  • Number of Performances
  • Name of Theatre/Auditorium
  • Seating Capacity of Theatre/Auditorium
  • Ticket Prices (including all discounts)

This information should be sent by mail to Next Gen on your school's (or youth theatre’s) letterhead.

The processing time for an application can vary from 2 to 7 days. Some musicals may be restricted in certain areas or at certain times. Always obtain written confirmation of a show's availability from Next Gen before planning a production.

If the title is available for the dates indicated on the application, fees are quoted and a bespoke license is created. Next Gen takes into account factors such as no fee being charged for performance, auditorium size and show run, and therefore all licenses are worked out by negotiation.

Materials Purchase: Purchase rates for scripts and orchestrations vary, as each show has different orchestrations. Quotes on request.

Filming: In some cases filming of a production is permitted. Permission must be sought in writing and will be granted in most cases. If written permission is not given filming a production is strictly prohibited.

At Next Gen we are always happy to help with any queries you may have at any part of the staging process. Our team are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Remember, we’re here to help! Click here for details on how to contact us or fill out the license request form below.

For a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions please go to our FAQ section

License Request

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Please fill this form in if you would like to recieve details of the prices for specific shows.




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