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The Magic Plunger

The Magic Plunger

It is a time of great turmoil. Three best friend knights living in a two room apartment must overcome the ultimate challenge . . . trying to unplug their toilet . . . without a plunger?

Join Gregory Falloffalot, Mighty Bluff and Howard the Coward as they embark on an adventure of average proportions, where they find a delightful cast of colourful characters and a quest for the legendary magic plunger that will change all of their lives and bathrooms forever.

The Magic Plunger is a fantasy comedy play with a contemporary spin, and is perfect for schools and youth theatres looking for a piece to perform at a Dinner Theatre, as part of a drama club, or as the annual school play. Already a huge success in its native Canada, where the piece won the 2005 Off Broadway Youth Playwriting Competition and ran for several months playing to sell-out crowds. Join in the merriment and irreverant humour and make The Magic Plunger your next performance.


Twelfth NightThe White Rock Lake Disturbance

That which cannot be forgotten. . .

Six old friends get together for an urban legend/ghost hunt at an old abandoned cabin on the banks of a long, forgotten, unvisited lake.

Before long it becomes clear that there are certain memories buried in the dark mud that refuse to die.

One by one, the friends become entangled in a centuries old mystery and their only chance for survival is to face the sinister, shambling thing that lurks in the murky depths of White Rock Lake.

But is any of this really happening?
How much do you trust your friends?
Will anyone survive the night?

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