Time Spinner - by Roy Apps
Music by Nicola Jane Buttigieg

Time SpinnerSynopsis

A time-traveller from the future visits a 21st century school . If you were light years ahead in the future, living on Taurus IV, perhaps your parents would let you spin the family travel vehicle for 20 minutes - it's just like riding a bike, to them. But to use the time-travel facility on it, that is NOT allowed, not even to replace Gran's special sparkly glass artefact from the Elizabethan age (the 21stth century!). So when Rosemary breaks the glass, and then breaks all the rules to get a new one, she has some surprises in store! By BAFTA award winning writer Roy Apps, who currently writes the hit series "Fang Gang", published by Bloomsbury.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Age Range: 7 – 11



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