It Came From Monster Island

It Came From Monster Island Synopsis

After a mysterious island emerges as a result of cataclysmic climate changes in the Pacific Ocean, a small band of intrepid explorers, including the eccentric Professor McClure, the beautiful and acerbic journalist Fara Wray, wise cracking military man Captain Harryhauser, and heroic paleontologist Steve Dawryn, lead an investigation to discover just what secrets the strange new land mass holds.

On their journey they encounter dinosaurs, enormous insects, and a gigantic creature worshipped by the natives as a God. Come on their riotous exploration as they brave impossible odds and terrifying creatures.

It Came From Monster Island is a hilarious parody of the world famous Godzilla and King Kong series of films, and knowingly references the Giant Monster film genre to the delight of audiences. With creature designs by world famous special effects artist Ricardo Delgado (Head Designer, Disney's Dinosaur, FX Artist The Matrix: Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolutions, Concept Artist Tristar's 'Godzilla' and Todd Tenant (American Kaiju, G-Fan), It Came From Monster Island is sure to be a monster hit with your school.

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