MaKiddo by William Strauss

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MaKiddo is an energetic, cartoonish satire on today's teens and their high-stress high schools, set to the operetta music of Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado. Especially fitting for schools with more girls than boys in their drama pool, five of the nine leads (and 11 of the 15 roles with solo musical lines) are girls, with lines and songs distributed broadly across the cast.

The setting is the Priti-Nu High School for Practically Perfect Kids, brainchild of old "Ebenezer MaKiddo" of the Asiatic Institute for Academic Acupuncture, a school where everyone is so high-achieving that you fall 57 places in your class ranking if you get one question wrong on a physics exam. That, at least, is what the students think—and, of course, the truth is not quite that.

The story wraps around the students' efforts to break free of their "bubble tests" and of having to be perfectly perfect all the time. Once they learn of the nefarious scheme that they've been witlessly advancing, they find a solution guaranteed to warm the hearts of today's stressed-out students.


With its offbeat visual humor, radiantly energetic lead players, and adorable choreography, MaKiddo is as fresh as a winter breeze, a ballet of witticism that is one of the most verve-filled productions to be found in high school theater — Savanna Lyons, The Springfield Times

Extremely well written and well staged, MaKiddo is clever, witty, and works well on a high school stage.— Amelia Kallman, The Washington Post
MaKiddo is "perfectly perfect,"… an unforgettable, amusing, and realistic interpretation of today's teenagers — Javier Hernandez, North Eugene Caledonian

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