by William Strauss, Bo Ayars and
Steven L. Rosenhaus

Twelfth NightSynopsis is a high-octane, up-to-the-minute comedy about teenagers who like to download music, and a powerful media company that stops at nothing to block it. tells a tale of today, of here, of now-of the big business of music, corporate greed and media cynicism, and the millions of young music consumers who don't like it. In the story, three tech-smart teenagers try to block a new law that would lock kids up when they share songs. They engage in a battle of wits with a sly TV reporter from MegaMaxiMedia, Inc., who spins the news, plays with sound bites, and toys with politicians, doing the bidding of her corrupt bosses. is a modern-day parable about technology, greed, and power-about people trying to do the right thing in a tough modern world- and about young music makers with their own ideas about what songs they want to sing.

The principal cast can be mostly female-8F/4M, if desired. The show can be done by a cast as small as ten, or by an ensemble of any size.

The Washington Post - "more fun than a barrel of chads (with) all the elements of a promising show: a wide range of songs, memorable characters and an entertaining plot (that) keeps the audience laughing… an astonishing piece about high school students wanting to get involved in national politics…a wonderful integration of hip-hop computer jargon…an upbeat show unique in all respects (that) keeps your feet tapping and your mind spinning with witty lyrics."


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