Fame Game

Area 51: The MusicalSynopsis

Can Jack, the popular finalist in the global television phenomenon that is 'Fame Game', break free of his indie rock shell to become the crooning ballad singer that the network want?

Aspiring indie rocker Jack stakes his integrity when he enters the TV talent competition Fame Game. This wickedly funny new musical charts Jack's struggle to survive the network's manipulations and the cynical celebrity tabloid jungle. One of this year's most entertaining and contemporary youth musicals, Fame Game recently opened at one of the Fringe's most exciting theatre spaces, Rocket Venue, receiving rave audience feedback and an invitation to perform at 'Best of the Fest Musicals' as an example of "the best musicals on the Fringe".

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Here are some of the reviews that Fame Game has received from EdFringe.com, the official site of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

"Bravo to the school here for deciding to go for something different from the usual old war horses... some nice interaction with the audience coupled with an amusing concept / script and strong rock / pop band made for a good night's entertainment. Haven't seen anything by Glenalmond before, but will def be back next year!"
Stuart Burns , Scotland

Makes a change from Oliver!

"Fun, upbeat show. Went out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. Some great one liners, particularly the exchange between the two contestants about stealing lines! Some remarkably mature performances, especially from the Reporter, "Megan", goth girl (can't remember name) and the presenter. The band and the leads were clearly enjoying themselves... An example of how you can go along to a youth (well, school) show at the Fringe during a free hour and be pleasantly surprised."
Dave Harris, Scotland


"I really enjoyed this show - a very refeshing and fun take on reality programmes and fabricated bands! The music was great, some very talented performers, in particular Sarah, Fay and Jack. Also, the boy band was hilarious!(loved the white jackets and hats - very Westlife!)"
Rose , Edinburgh

What a great concept!

"The music is very good - all original songs - performed very ably by the musicians and singers. 'Jack' has great stage presence and a good voice, but it was 'Sarah' who took my breath away. She really communicates through the music - I'm sure she sings classical and I'd love to hear her singing jazz! Very good performances from the others, especially from the boy band and the backing singers."
Janet , Glasgow

Fame Game

"Really enjoyed this - what great performances and voices! Would like a recording of the soundtrack - is it available yet?"
Sarah , England

Fame Game

"Great songs, great singers, great band. These kids gave 100% despite some problems with the mikes (would like to hear the backing singers with a bit more volume - talented trio), which I'm sure will be sorted for the next performances. Highly recommended - some stars of the future here! Record and release 'Overwhelming' and 'Dreams' - they'll top the charts!"
Alan , Edinburgh

Fame Game

"Very contemporary, which makes a nice change for a school show. The kids obviously enjoyed doing something different from Rodgers & Hammerstein and it showed... there were a couple of really fun individual performances. Particularly enjoyed the mock-boyband number, although was a little embarassed at being singled out!!!"
Sarah , Scotland

Fun Show!

"This school production is quite an insight as to how well a show can be performed by sixth form students. The band were exceptionally talented and were well directed by the MD, obviously of some experience. Singing and acting were also of a high standard for a normal(i.e. non performing arts)UK High School... short but sweet, and may perhaps have a future with other high schools."
Gavin, Essex , England

Surprisingly fun school show

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