An Eternal ChristmasSynopsis

Tired of staging the same old shows at Christmas, time after time? Bored to death with adaptations of “A Christmas Carol”? Looking for something fresh and new? Then Next Gen have exactly what you’re looking for - 

When fledgling journalist Jo’s kid sister wishes for it be Christmas every day, she’s blissfully unaware of the global chaos that her simple desire will cause...  

With no reason to be good, as Christmas is now continuous, children run amok. Elves and Ice Giants stalk the countryside, co-ordinated by the vicious NPA (North Pole Alliance). A small, rebel pocket of humanity still exists, fighting a losing cause. 

Jo must lead a ragtag gang of individuals in a desperate last-chance mission to oppose the NPA’s new world order and reverse what has transpired.  And just when the stakes couldn’t get any higher, appearances become deceptive – can something truly monstrous be something truly good, and can  someone intrinsically good become dangerously power-crazed?

Featuring a Mafioso, Tommy-gun toting Rudolph, an unrepentantly morally bankrupt Scrooge and a host of other familiar holiday faces with a wickedly funny new twist, Eternal Christmas is a rollercoaster ride of a Christmas musical.  Destined to become a holiday favourite, Eternal Christmas has already been described by one teacher as “Rankin Bass meets Rocky Horror!”.  

Enquire today for a perusal script and introduce something new to your seasonal celebrations. 

As a preview,Concept Art for various show characters can be found below.


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