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Next Gen offer a fantastic range of school musicals specifically suited for the kids of today. Why not fire their imaginations with the scarily fantastic It Came From Monster Island or entertain them with our hilarious look at TV talent shows in the special junior edition of Fame Game?

Musical theater for junior schools and primary schools

Our scripts and scores are specially composed to inspire and entertain children and are particularly suitable for junior, elementary or primary education. The plays are great fun to participate in, and allow young performers to augment their theatrical and performance skills and develop their creative potential. Moreover, by choosing one of our plays for your school show, you can guarantee an excellent experience for children and adults alike.

Elementary School Musical Scripts, Scores and Play Scripts

The following elementary school musicals junior school play scripts are currently available to buy:

Fame Game (Junior Edition)

Fame Game (Junior Edition) (Coming Soon)

A junior version of Fame Game specially adapted for younger performers.

Can Jack, the popular finalist in the global television phenomenon that is 'Fame Game', break free of his indie rock shell to become the crooning ballad singer that the network want?

Aspiring indie rocker Jack stakes his integrity when he enters the TV talent competition Fame Game. This wickedly funny new musical charts Jack's struggle to survive the network's manipulations and the cynical celebrity tabloid jungle. One of this year's most entertaining and contemporary youth musicals, Fame Game recently opened at one of the Fringe's most exciting theatre spaces, Rocket Venue, receiving rave audience feedback and an invitation to perform at 'Best of the Fest Musicals' as an example of "the best musicals on the Fringe".

It Came From Monster Island

It Came From Monster Island
(Coming Soon)

After a mysterious island emerges as a result of cataclysmic climate changes in the Pacific Ocean, a small band of intrepid explorers, including the eccentric Professor McClure, the beautiful and acerbic journalist Fara Wray, wise cracking military man Captain Harryhauser, and heroic paleontologist Steve Dawryn, lead an investigation to discover just what secrets the strange new land mass holds.

On their journey they encounter dinosaurs, enormous insects, and a gigantic creature worshipped by the natives as a God. Come on their riotous exploration as they brave impossible odds and terrifying creatures.

It Came From Monster Island is a hilarious parody of the world famous Godzilla and King Kong series of films, and knowingly references the Giant Monster film genre to the delight of audiences. With creature designs by world famous special effects artist Ricardo Delgado (Head Designer, Disney's Dinosaur, FX Artist The Matrix: Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolutions, Concept Artist Tristar's 'Godzilla' and Todd Tenant (American Kaiju, G-Fan), It Came From Monster Island is sure to be a monster hit with your school.

Silent Night
(Now Available)

As the opening night for the annual nativity play nears, teachers, pupils, and parents are all at one in their attempts to stage their show, and a serene calm descends upon the school - yeah, right.

Silent Night is a humorous take on what REALLY goes on during the creation of a nativity - screaming fits by prima donnas, pupils forgetting their lines and ad-libbing on stage, and doting parents getting just a little bit too involved in their child's performance.

Short, easy to stage, and incorporating all the favourite nativity songs, Silent Night is the perfect tonic to all those formulaic and twee nativities that everyone - pupil, parent and teacher alike - has to go through.

The Magic Plunger

The Magic Plunger

It is a time of great turmoil. Three best friend knights living in a two room apartment must overcome the ultimate challenge . . . trying to unplug their toilet . . . without a plunger?

Join Gregory Falloffalot, Mighty Bluff and Howard the Coward as they embark on an adventure of average proportions, where they find a delightful cast of colourful characters and a quest for the legendary magic plunger that will change all of their lives and bathrooms forever.

The Magic Plunger is a fantasy comedy play with a contemporary spin, and is perfect for schools and youth theatres looking for a piece to perform at a Dinner Theatre, as part of a drama club, or as the annual school play. Already a huge success in its native Canada, where the piece won the 2005 Off Broadway Youth Playwriting Competition and ran for several months playing to sell-out crowds. Join in the merriment and irreverant humour and make The Magic Plunger your next performance.

The Magic Plunger

Time Spinner

A time-traveller from the future visits a 21st century school . If you were light years ahead in the future, living on Taurus IV, perhaps your parents would let you spin the family travel vehicle for 20 minutes - it's just like riding a bike, to them. But to use the time-travel facility on it, that is NOT allowed, not even to replace Gran's special sparkly glass artefact from the Elizabethan age (the 21stth century!). So when Rosemary breaks the glass, and then breaks all the rules to get a new one, she has some surprises in store!


By BAFTA award winning writer Roy Apps, who currently writes the hit series "Fang Gang", published by Bloomsbury.


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