Christmas Musical Plays

Are you planning to stage a Christmas (or Xmas) musical play this year? Tired of the same old nativity plays and looking for a fresh and exciting way to celebrate this Christmas? Why not try our musical plays for schools?

Next Gen can deliver you a musical that every kid is guaranteed to enjoy this Christmas. With child friendly scripts that are packed full of festive fun, our musicals offer a great way for your school to bring in the Xmas period.

Xmas Musicals and musical plays for Schools and Youth Groups

Our Christmas musicals are particularly suitable for elementary school or youth groups, with scripts and scores that are tailored to the abilities of child performers. The shows are also suitable for junior school musicals at Christmas.

Christmas Musical Scripts and Scores:

The following Christmas musicals and Christmas musical plays are currently available:

An Eternal ChristmasAn Eternal Christmas

Tired of staging the same old shows at Christmas, time after time? Bored to death with adaptations of “A Christmas Carol”? Looking for something fresh and new? Then Next Gen have exactly what you’re looking for. When fledgling journalist Jo’s kid sister wishes for it be Christmas every day, she’s blissfully unaware of the global chaos that her simple desire will cause... 

With no reason to be good, as Christmas is now continuous, children run amok. Elves and Ice Giants stalk the countryside, co-ordinated by the vicious NPA (North Pole Alliance). A small, rebel pocket of humanity still exists, fighting a losing cause. 

Silent Night PosterSilent Night

As the opening night for the annual nativity play nears, teachers, pupils, and parents are all at one in their attempts to stage their show, and a serene calm descends upon the school - yeah, right.

Silent Night is a humorous take on what REALLY goes on during the creation of a nativity - screaming fits by prima donnas, pupils forgetting their lines and ad-libbing on stage, and doting parents getting just a little bit too involved in their child's performance.

Short, easy to stage, and incorporating all the favourite nativity songs, Silent Night is the perfect tonic to all those formulaic and twee nativities that everyone - pupil, parent and teacher alike - has to go through.



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