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Tired of the same old cliched child musical adaptations? We aim to inject child musical theater with a breath of fresh air by bringing you scripts and scores that are relevant to today’s young audiences and child performers alike.

A musical that any kid will enjoy

From the death-defying heroics of Area 51: The Musical to the gut-clenching horror of It Came From Monster Island, Next Gen bring you the best in contemporary children’s musicals.

We offer a wide selection of children’s musicals, each catering to different tastes, needs, and abilities. Our scripts and musical scores will suit various age groups and are great fun for any child to watch or perform. Simply scroll down to choose from our exciting range of child musicals.

Child Musicals - Scripts and Scores

We currently publish the following scripts and musical scores for the child performer. All musicals are available to purchase and download today

Fame Game (Junior Edition)

Fame Game (Junior Edition) (Coming Soon)

A junior version of Fame Game specially adapted for younger performers.

Can Jack, the popular finalist in the global television phenomenon that is 'Fame Game', break free of his indie rock shell to become the crooning ballad singer that the network want?

Aspiring indie rocker Jack stakes his integrity when he enters the TV talent competition Fame Game. This wickedly funny new musical charts Jack's struggle to survive the network's manipulations and the cynical celebrity tabloid jungle. One of this year's most entertaining and contemporary youth musicals, Fame Game recently opened at one of the Fringe's most exciting theatre spaces, Rocket Venue, receiving rave audience feedback and an invitation to perform at 'Best of the Fest Musicals' as an example of "the best musicals on the Fringe".

Wings of Desire

It Came From Monster Island
(Coming Soon)

After a mysterious island emerges as a result of cataclysmic climate changes in the Pacific Ocean, a small band of intrepid explorers, including the eccentric Professor McClure, the beautiful and acerbic journalist Fara Wray, wise cracking military man Captain Harryhauser, and heroic paleontologist Steve Dawryn, lead an investigation to discover just what secrets the strange new land mass holds.

On their journey they encounter dinosaurs, enormous insects, and a gigantic creature worshipped by the natives as a God. Come on their riotous exploration as they brave impossible odds and terrifying creatures.

It Came From Monster Island is a hilarious parody of the world famous Godzilla and King Kong series of films, and knowingly references the Giant Monster film genre to the delight of audiences. With creature designs by world famous special effects artist Ricardo Delgado (Head Designer, Disney's Dinosaur, FX Artist The Matrix: Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolutions, Concept Artist Tristar's 'Godzilla' and Todd Tenant (American Kaiju, G-Fan), It Came From Monster Island is sure to be a monster hit with your school.

Silent Night
(Coming Soon)

As the opening night for the annual nativity play nears, teachers, pupils, and parents are all at one in their attempts to stage their show, and a serene calm descends upon the school - yeah, right.

Silent Night is a humorous take on what REALLY goes on during the creation of a nativity - screaming fits by prima donnas, pupils forgetting their lines and ad-libbing on stage, and doting parents getting just a little bit too involved in their child's performance.

Short, easy to stage, and incorporating all the favourite nativity songs, Silent Night is the perfect tonic to all those formulaic and twee nativities that everyone - pupil, parent and teacher alike - has to go through.

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