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Welcome to the exciting world of Next Gen publications, publishers of original musical scripts and scores for junior schools, senior schools, youth projects and youth groups.

School Musicals for the 21st Century

Tired of the same old stale school shows and peurile adaptations of out of date and out of touch musicals? Let us rock your world with theatre composed specifically for todays’ young performers. With our shows we are able to bring musical theatre to youth groups.

Next Gen are proud to bring you the best in contemporary musical theatre for schools, from the magical and moving through to the weird and wonderful.

Why you'll love our school musicals

We work with a fresh, talented team of writers, musicians, and composers to bring you only the best in youth musical theatre. Next Gen can offer you:

  • school musicals for every age group and event
  • high quality original scripts and scores to suit a range of tastes and abilities
  • educational resources to allow children to develop their musical talents and explore their creative potential

Our school musicals are published exclusively for pupils, parents, teachers, and teenagers. Guaranteed great fun for performers and audience alike!

Contemporary Musical Theatre for Schools, Amateurs, and Youth Groups

Whether you are looking to suit junior school kids and primary or elementary education, high, secondary and senior schools, or an amateur or youth group, we have the right script for you.

Simply browse through our exciting range of contemporary school musical theatre which is suitable for professionals and musical theatre for amateurs.















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